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A True Beginning

Manger Scene Christ the lord is Born

Celebrate Lord Jesus Christ’s Birth

The Lord Jesus Christ is born and with that mankind has a savior. The opportunity for every human being to become a Child of God. We celebrate the birth of Christ every year. But these days that celebration is become hidden from those who need it. Even here in America, where we boast of Freedom of Religion, we are more freedom from religion. Everyone else can boast of their religion and are more free than ours.

But in these End Times, God spoke of the difficult time christian would have all over the world. And We in America have been Blessed for many year. Sin also has abound in America and there are consequences. In the last few years we have seen what God spoke of in his word. We must be in God’s word daily to be prepared for what’s to come.

Christ Jesus is Born
Christ Jesus is Born

We must #pray4usa2day. Go to my political website to see more.

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