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Genesis Overview


Book 1-1-1 Genesis Overview

God gives us Free Will

Les Feldick teaches from this timeline throughout his lessons.

Time Line Now
Timeline Now Click picture to zoom in.
  • Every false religion had its start at the Tower of Babel
  • Abraham Covenant
  • Nation of People
  • Land of Canaan
  • Setting the stage for a King (Messiah)
  • Everything in Old Testament is in preparation for Nation of Israel to receive there King
  • Signs and Wonders to proof to nation of Israel who Chirst is
  • Peter answers Thou are the Christ.
  • Martha Believes thou are the Christ
  • Saul Jesus is the Christ
  • Israel sent to every nation because they Rejected Christ
  • Body of Christ is formed
  • Age of Grace
  • Rapture just before 7 years of Tribulation -Daniel 2
  • Babylon –
  • Clay/iron revised roman empire
  • Everyone wants a democratic government today
  • Weak government
  • Strong Military

Les Feldick has many years of videos, audio and text at his website.

I for one Thank God for Les Feldicks teaching on the Bible. As he says he is as they say down to earth on his teaching with honesty and clarity hard to find. He is one of God’s teachers for these end times that reveal the truths of God’s word. This now  2018 and his teaching of 1992 and on have stood the test of time.

Youtube Video Les Fedlick 1-1-1

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