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The Bible is the Answer

A walk thru the internet of finding evidence that increase my faith and clarifies the Word of God. I hope you find this help you and your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I do know the Bible is the accurate Word of God and teaches that God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Any comments contrary will not be displayed. I am sold on the whole Bible as is the King James. I am not an educated man, but I do enjoy the Bible and any supporting information. I have learned from Les Feldick and others of the value of continually reading because the bible is a living book for all who believe in Jesus Christ. I believe we are in the Church Age of Grace and this will end at the Rapture and strictly in Gods timing. Much has been fulfilled in Scripture and I personally believe that God is making sure that every person that will accept Christ as lord is reached. We see in history God is Patient with his people in spite of everything.

I do have a prayer for the Jewish People would see and, that God will continue be patient with the Jewish Nation and God be merciful. The End times as I see it are a Just God’s dealing with a sinful people- not pretty.

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